Hold To HIS Hand

My daughter and I love to sit back and laugh at funny stories from the past. One of my favorite stories is from when she was 3 years old.  Just to pass time, we had decided to take a trip to the local mall.  We grabbed our winter coats and headed out the door.  My daughter had this winter hat that was one of her  most prized possessions. It was called a  Furby hat and my mother and I couldn’t stand that hat. LOL!

We made it to the mall, walked around, did some window shopping and then decided to grab something to eat.  The food court was downstairs and my daughter had a fear of getting on the escalators.  The closer we made it to the downward escalator, the greater the fear grew in her eyes. So of course I did what every other mom would’ve done… I tried to make getting on the escalator sound as awesome as possible.  But, she was NOT having it. 

Now, this is where I need you to visualize what I am about to describe to you (because I want you to laugh too).  I stepped on the escalator first and then I reached out to grab her hand to help her on, but she would not grab it.  Please keep in mind that at the same time I am moving down on the escalator.  Now because she refused to step on, I had to run UP the escalator.  Again I reached out to grab her hand and yet again she refused to grab it and step on.  So there I am AGAIN running back UP the escalator.  I was wondering why she would not grab my hand and then I saw it! Tightly grasped in her hand was THAT STUPID FURBY HAT!! LOL!  So I’m yelling at her to grab my hand, which she finally tried to do, but ended up dropping the hat. 

And this is where it gets chaotic!  Now she was standing there at the top of the escalator, watching her hat (and her mom) move slowly down the escalator.  She started to cry and there I was running back UP the escalator again, LOL.   Then she started screaming, “my hat, my hat!”  So then I was running DOWN the escalator to save the hat.  And then she started screaming, “MOMMY, MOMMY!”  So then I was running back UP the escalator again.  Finally, with nothing in her hand, she decided to grab mine.  After all, it was the only way we would get to the stupid hat, and better yet, our actual destination.  Finally, we safely arrived at the bottom of the escalator, retrieving the hat and probably giving everyone around quite a site to see.

Looking back on that memory, I realize how chaotic that moment must have looked.  How frightened she must have been.  The anxiety that she faced in the decision to let go of her most valued possession.  But also the comfort that she must have felt to grab the hand of the person that she trusted the most in that difficult time. 

Sometimes the chaos in life can be a bit overwhelming, and in the midst of the chaos, we want to do better, be better, get to a better place or obtain better things.  But, a lot of times we hold on to the things that are holding us back.  We put our trust in things or people who can’t help us get to our “better.”  We end up in turmoil as we struggle to let go of the things that are getting in our way of grabbing hold of the hand of God. 

The awesome thing is, we can find comfort in knowing that God has our lives planned out from the beginning to the end and all through this journey in life he is walking with us, guiding us and helping us.  There is not one day that goes by that he is not waiting for us to call on him, ready to extend his hand to us to pull us out of whatever chaotic environment we may find ourselves in. 

Don’t be afraid to let go of your most loved and cherished possession if it will help you to grab hold to HIS hand.  Don’t be afraid to let go of the people around you, if you cannot grab hold to HIS hand because you’re holding theirs.  His hand is unchanging and always available.  No matter what you face in life, don’t let go of God’s hand. For in his hand you will always find the help and the strength that you’ll need.

Isaiah 41:10 “fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

5 thoughts on “Hold To HIS Hand

  1. I so needed to hear this because I know for a fact that I’m holding on to certain people and habits that are holding me back out of fear. Thank you for writing this because it’s the push I needed and further confirmation from God that changes gotta be made. I have to trust God:) Love this dear friend! Great job!! Keep it up!

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  2. Love this K-roy! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story and word! There are times where I look back over my life and realize the most challenging times were when I was trying to hold on to something or someone instead of walking by faith and just trusting God. But just like your story, what peace, joy and comfort we get when we let go of everything else and hold to his hand!

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  3. Well, I guess my original reply did not post. I went down memory lane with you and yes we had a strong dislike if that hat! And yes there are times I’ve held too tightly also. Good word!

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