Stuck In A Valley of Dry Bones

Don’t be so stuck on the struggle that you refuse to be a part of life…

Well, yesterday was Monday (insert eye roll). I really hate Mondays, but not because it’s Monday, but because I usually spend the entire weekend dreading going back to work. On weekends, outside of running errands and being a personal Uber to my daughter, I daydream about where I really want to be in life. Don’t get me wrong, I really like working; in fact, I couldn’t see myself as a stay at home mom or a housewife. It’s just that the job that I’m doing doesn’t fit who I am or where I should be (in my opinion).

Do you ever find yourself internally screaming, “GOD WHY AM I HERE???!!!” I do. EVERYDAY!!! Honestly, I know there is a purpose for me being where I am, even if it’s temporary, but if I could just know what it is so I can fulfill it and move on that would be great. I want to work in my purpose… that’s it; that’s all! I want to get paid for doing something that I love (like writing).

Man I feel stuck and it’s the kind of stuck you experience in rush hour traffic where you’re either sitting at a standstill or you’re inching down the highway at 4 mph. It’s frustrating and exhausting. I’ve prayed about it and then I’ve waited, and while I continue waiting I still feel stuck and so I pray, then I wait some more, then I still feel stuck and then I repeat all over again! Wheeew…that’s draining!!!

This is my valley (well one of them anyway) – my struggle to get where I want to be but also feeling stuck where I currently am. I feel like my options are slim in a dead and dried up valley. And I’m thinking, “Okay, God…I’m ready to move forward in my purpose now; Let’s GO!! I’m looking at these dry bones Lord, and I’m crying and I’m shouting, and I’m praying. What is it that you want me to do??!!”

I was having some girl talk with my friend on the phone the other night and she reminded me of Ezekiel 37 and the valley of dry bones. I read this passage again and my eyes were opened to the fact that a lot of the dry bones (or dead circumstances) around me exist because I killed them, or these dead bones are not coming to life because there is no life being spoken to them. I had to have a talk with myself that day and say, “self, you sure have a lot of ‘I can’t(s)’ flowing from your lips.” And I realized that I have literally been killing my goals and projects, hopes and dreams with negativity. “I can’t…” “They won’t…” “It’s not…” “I’ll never…” “They’ll never…” Does this sound familiar? How contradictory is this to God’s word?

The word says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 – This is what I should be speaking to these dry bones surrounding me. God did not just tell Ezekiel to speak to the dry bones but he commanded him to prophesy to the bones. “Then he said to me, ‘Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry bones, hear the word of the Lord!'” Ezekiel 37:4

You see, there is power in our words, but there is even more power in the word of God! I don’t know what your valley may be. It could be a dry or dead marriage, a dead career, dead finances, heartache, sorrow, illness, addiction, sinful living, broken relationships, a dead ministry, a dead church and so on, but if you speak to those dry bones, “Thus saith the Lord…,” there’s going to be a rising up in that valley.

Ezekiel did as the Lord said and he prophesied to that valley of dry bones and those bones, once dead and dry, rattled and formed together with tendons and flesh and then with breath in them they stood up on their feet – a huge army.

Imagine this happening to your valley; it’s happening to mine right now! It’s been a few years since I first said that I would write a book, which I did start, but then I hit a dry spell and then “life happs” got in the way and then chaos and then the busyness of life. So that goal or that dream dried up, died and essentially added to my valley of dry bones. But like Ezekiel, the Lord told me to speak to my valley and I told the valley “Thus saith the Lord,” and here I am blogging and at the same time, I’m writing my book. So, I’d say right now the dry bones are rattling. Oh, I here the noise! And as I continue to speak to this valley what God has said, I’m waiting for the flesh to form and the breath of life to begin.

Shouldn’t we all be like Ezekiel? He was obedient and did as God commanded and prophesied to the valley of dry bones and before his eyes that valley came to life. What is your valley? What is the Lord commanding you to speak into your valley? You have to speak to your valley everyday (several times a day if you need to). Speak to your circumstance, “Thus saith the Lord,” then listen for the rattling noise. Awaken your dreams! Restart your goals! Encourage your self in the Lord! You don’t have to remain stuck in your valley; eventually traffic jams get to moving along. RISE UP DRY BONES… RISE UP!!!!

At times I have been my own valley of dry bones. I’ve had to learn to encourage myself…

When your hope is gone and you’re stuck on the stuggle, Speak to your valley, “Thus saith the Lord…”

5 thoughts on “Stuck In A Valley of Dry Bones

  1. Once again, God has spoken through you and let the church say Amen. Recently, at our women’s study a sister related what she heard at a conference. We use God’s name in vain daily! How? By saying I can’t we are saying to the I am, He is not able, since we are His children, a Royal Priesthood. There are things God can’t do, because we must-when we do… well, you know the rest!

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  2. Smh( in agreement)!
    You are on it sis! You spoke a word to me! I pray God’s wisdom continues to flow through you and that you continue to be His vessel! God bless you!

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