God’s love is infectious and the greatest healing energy

I really couldn’t think of anything to write about today. I mean absolutely nothing seemed good enough to get the creative juices flowing. Usually what helps is going through pictures in my phone or my social media accounts. I can usually find a picture that inspires me to write and tonight I found this one from a few years ago. We snapped it on our way to church after stopping to buy a new tire. Our day certainly didn’t start off on the right foot. But what’s even more significant about this picture is what happened in the previous days and what would happen in the next several days to follow.

Three days prior to this picture, my daughter woke up with a stomach virus. Nothing new to those of us with children, just a small inconvenience. She spent the majority of the day on the couch watching television, sipping ginger ale and eating crackers and whatever else she could keep down. 24 hours later she was feeling better. It was a Saturday and we just hung out at the house.

But, she was infectious!

Fast forward to the day after this picture; I started to feel unwell. I was nauseous, but I was able to push through the day. I even went out to eat with a friend and her daughter, but by the end of the day I felt horrible. In the middle of the night I knew for sure I had been infected with her virus (I’ll save you the details). Unlike her 24 hour bug, I was down and out for three days. The first day was the worst and I spent the next two days trying to get my energy and strength back.

This was not the first time that she had shared her lovely little bugs with me. I remember when she was younger I caught pink eye from her and it was the first time that I had ever had pink eye. Then there was another time when she was one that she gave me her stomach virus and I had to nurse her back to health while battling the virus myself; that was super fun (insert sarcasm – lol). I have always been frustrated at how fast kiddos can spread viruses without even knowing the infection exists.

Isn’t it crazy how covid-19 can be spread from one person to the next without the carrier of the virus even knowing that they are carrying the virus AND infecting others without even knowing about it? I mean, they can infect multiple people without ever showing a single symptom and then all those who they have infected can infect others, and those people can infect others, and it can go on and on.

But, this blog is not about Covid-19. It is, however, about the power of being infectious. It is about the opportunities that we have as believers to plant the seeds of God’s word into all of whom we come into contact with. Our attitudes. Our words. Our actions. Our morals. Our thoughts. Our choices. Our decisions. Many times these things are results of seeds that were sown into our lives – sometimes years before we even began to see a harvest. Non-believers watch those who claim to believe and they take note of how they handle certain things. Believers watch other believers and take note of how they handle life’s situations. And, believers watch non-believers, looking for the right time to share the Lord with them. No matter what side of the spectrum you’re on, someone is watching you. Daily you are impacting someone whether you realize it or not. Someone is watching and developing their perception of you based on the seeds you’re sowing everyday.

Being infectious is all about sowing seeds everywhere we go. Some we will see sprout up into something great and some we will never know about. Sometimes the seed sowing will be intentional and other times we will sow seeds unintentionally. Either way, God sees to the growth of the seeds planted; he has already prepared the soil.

The other day I posted a video to my Facebook account about something God had laid on my heart. The next day my pastor held a zoom meeting and we talked about the video. I remember telling him that someone had sent me a message about how they really needed to hear that message and I said to him, “if I only reach one person, then I’m grateful.” And he began to explain that we don’t always know who we have reached or how something we did or said touched them, but we touch people in different ways, and what is important is that the seed is sown.

Are you infectious? Are you sowing?

How can you infect others?

  1. Be careful how you live; you may be the only Bible some people ever read – “In all things show them how to live by your life and by right teaching.” (Titus 2:7) Everyday evaluate your actions, your words, and your heart towards others. Consider your choices and decisions and how they line up with the word of God. What kind of perspective are you keeping in the midst of your circumstance? Are all of these things resembling what you claim to believe or are they in total contrast?
  2. Spread the Word; Change a Heart – “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” (Mark 15:15) There are so many ways that we can spread the word of God: by word of mouth, written texts, text messages, television, radio, internet, social media, videos and more. There is no excuse that we have for not sharing the word of God other than fear and disobedience. As believers, why would we withhold the word from those around us. The word is life changing, cleansing and aids in the renewal of our spirits. If there is one thing that we should infect others with – it is his word!
  3. Your story is the key that can unlock someone else’s prison – Even though you may not see the uniqueness in your story, the power of God in your life is always unique. The enemy tricks us into thinking and feeling like we are the only one who has experienced what we have; however, someone you encounter in your everyday routine may be hurting and struggling from a similar situation. What God has brought you out of may be the very thing they are going through right now. Just looking at you, they only see the after and not the before. Some pieces of my testimony I share has shocked some people because they could never imagine me going through something like that or they would never think that I would act in such a way, but then I find out that they too can relate. Me sharing with them helps them to be free, and them sharing with others can help someone else be free and then it becomes infectious. Remember, your testimony is not about you, but it’s about God getting his glory!
  4. Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours well – “Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits. (Proverbs 18:21) What better way to be infectious than by encouraging words. I think the phrase that has changed my life the most has been “You Matter.” Someone said this to me during a time in my life when I needed it the most and it has had such an impact on how I feel about myself and how I see my worth. The impact of those two words was so great, in fact, that I’ve devoted a lot of time to letting others know that they matter too. My friend was infectious and she didn’t even know it!

Being infectious with the word of God does not have to be a stressful task. Sharing Christ with others is as simple as effectively communicating our faith and the truth of his word to those we encounter everyday. Remember, you can also be infectious with simple things such as: a smile, a kind word, a kind gesture, a prayer, a shared scripture, an apology, forgiveness and so much more.

Take care of the sowing; God will take care of the growing!

5 thoughts on “Infectious

  1. Thanks for reminding us that being infectious does not have to be negative! Through this pandemic, we as Christian’s, get to continuously remind others and ourselves, that God is in control of everything and through it all….We Matter!!! LOVE!!!💞

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