BLACK MEN, You Matter!

BLACK MAN – Husband. Father. Brother. Nephew. Uncle. Friend. King. Blessed.

Usually I have a picture to share of the very thing that inspired me to write, but today I’m at a loss with this one. What can you post to show your heart breaking internally for the hatred that is shown that results in the men of your race being hunted down and killed like animals? By the POLICE… … By SECURITY GUARDS… By the AVERAGE white male citizen… Just because – they’re black! My heart hurts! My head hurts! I’m angry! I’m disgusted! I would like to say I’m shocked, but sadly the shock value of hearing about a black man being killed doing everyday, normal things like eating a bowl of cereal in his apartment, on his couch, in his boxers – has dwindled away. I’m no longer “shocked” but I remain hurt, angry and afraid.

I have real fear – for my husband, my father, my brother, my uncles, my cousins, my nephew, my pastor, my church members, for the black man that I see in passing while running everyday errands.

My father was an Indiana State Trooper, a Dallas Police Officer and a Marshal. He spent over 20 years protecting his family and his community and now I wonder who will protect him. He has no record. I’ve never heard a bad rumor about him. He serves his church. He doesn’t break the law. But what does that mean? He no longer carries a badge. He no longer wears a uniform. He no longer wears a bullet proof vest. He no longer wears a jacket that says “Dallas Police.” All he has is his BLACK SKIN! And now, some of the same people that he protected are the same ones who fear him. The same ones who judge him. The same ones who find him threatening or intimidating because of his height combined with his skin color. The same ones who feel they’re owed respect from him- just because he’s a BLACK MAN!

I have real fear…

You see, a BLACK MAN can be murdered by a white person for living and breathing nowadays. Murdered for simply just existing. Murdered for being BLACK 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Blamed for their own murder and having their legacies stripped away as the media picks apart every aspect of their life to find one measly little reason to justify the horrible acts committed by murderers claiming to be in fear for their lives.

I bet my mother thought that when my father retired, she could breathe a little more easier. No longer would he be kicking in doors, serving warrants to criminals considered armed and dangerous – no more worries, right? WRONG! I bet my mother thought that after my brother graduated from The University of Alabama, having never been to jail, having never engaged in gang activity, having never been in trouble for anything at all, having been a student in honors classes while in school, that she would be able to breathe a little easier, right? WRONG! I wonder if her stomach turns like mine at the very thought of them being shot and killed for minding their own business while just being BLACK in America.

I have real fear!

I’m not writing this blog today to call out every crime against black men. Today I wanted to write about a fact that seems to not be acknowledged by all of America, but… it’s still a fact.


BLACK MEN, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Formed together by God himself. Knitted together in your Mother’s womb, by God himself. Created in his image, by God Himself!!! You were created to be great… To walk around fearless… To breathe freely… To be successful… To enjoy life to its fullest. You were created to just LIVE! You Matter! You are Valuable. Your Life Matters. Your Existence Matters.

No matter how many times the world throws you away like garbage or how many times the world rejects you without a valid reason – YOU MATTER! No matter how many times you are discriminated against – YOU MATTER. No matter how many times you are passed over for better opportunities at your job – BLACK MEN, YOU MATTER!

Hold your head up, stick your chest out, breath and walk the earth like the Kings you were born to be. Stay Strong! Stay encouraged! Embrace your black skin!

History has been twisted by those who claim to be superior to you – twisted to fit their agenda. But, no matter how much they twist the truth and bend the rules to work in their favor, their truth will never replace the truth of God’s word. Trust his word above all else.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


2 thoughts on “BLACK MEN, You Matter!

  1. Correct, I think I am more concerned for his safety now than I ever was during his time in Law Enforcement for the reasons you’ve listed and that the hate was not as blatant-there but under the surface. Now everyone has a right to disrespect Black Men.

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