There Is Still A Way!

God has it all figured out. He will make a way where you don’t see a way.

My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary on June 8th and it was certainly not the anniversary that I had planned for us. Anyone who really knows me will know that I really enjoy dining out, so it’s not shocking that I really wanted to celebrate at one of my favorite restaurants for our anniversary, but due to the pandemic that idea wasn’t appealing to me anymore. Luckily, my daughter had the idea to open up her “restaurant” in our home and serve us dinner. One thing about my daughter is that when she pretends to do something she gives it 110% whether it be church, school, nail salon, hair salon – or just about anything she pretends to do (as long as she is in charge, LOL). So, we ordered take out from a favorite restaurant and she did the rest. She really did an excellent job with the set up and her service was impeccable. I gave her 5 stars on Yelp!

You can do anything you set your mind to.

One thing I continue to learn as I get older is that children have a lot to teach us. My daughter is ten, yet she inspires, she teaches, and she reminds me of the things of God. For instance, there have been many times when I have been in the middle of correcting her and the Holy Spirit will correct me at the same time. It has been in those moments that the Holy Spirit has said “Oh, by the way, check your relationship with God.” And then there have been other times where she has come just at the right time to remind me that God is in control and to trust him in my situation. Well on our anniversary she came with another word. I found a note taped to our bedroom door after dinner and it speaks volumes, especially during this time.

The first thing this note reminded me of is the fact that in many instances life does not go the way that we planned simply because we do not have control over all aspects of our lives. Hiccups come in all shapes, forms and sizes – weather, illness, financial mishaps, scheduling conflicts, mistakes, trusting the wrong person, etc.

I also was reminded that there’s a chance that I could end up in a situation that I don’t want to be in at no fault of my own. I mean, did any of us ask to be thrust smack dab into the middle of a pandemic? I surely didn’t! Everyday whether you’re looking at the news on television or reading it online, you can see the many different reactions of those going through the pandemic. I’ve taken notice that there are a lot of people who have tunnel vision right now. Some can’t see beyond the mandate to wear a mask when out in public. Some are having a hard time seeing beyond the mandate to shelter in place, unless necessary to go out. Some had a hard time seeing beyond the new (and difficult for some) task of home schooling children. Unable to see what benefits masks can offer, the protection that comes with staying at home, or the blessing in being able to know that their kids were able to be safe at home with them, some completely missed a lesson to be learned.

In no way am I saying that the way in which things are going right now is the best way for everyone. I’m simply saying that having that tunnel vision only forces you to miss the fact that there is still a way. I applaud the churches that immediately embraced the idea that church exists beyond the four walls of a building. Though difficult for some who may be technically/ digitally challenged, they pushed through and switched to delivering Sunday messages via online services using various platforms. I applaud the teachers who used their spring breaks to come together, regroup and construct plans to continue to teach our children in a not so conventional way so that they could progress to the next grade level or accomplish high school graduation. It takes strength to face challenges and courage to walk by faith and not by sight – not knowing how the story ends or who makes it to the end of the story with you.

There is still a way.

Thus says the Lord, Who makes a way through the sea and a path through the mighty waters…” Isaiah 43:16.

In this scripture, God introduces himself as the God who makes a way.  No matter how difficult your situation, and no matter how limited your options may seem, He will always make a way.  In the Book of Isaiah, many prophetic passages came from the prophet foreseeing difficult times ahead for the Israelites.  The Israelites faced the destruction of their home and their temple.  Years in exile became decades.  They started to wonder if changing their situation would be hopeless or if there was even a way out of what seemed like an impossible circumstance.  Their faith was reaching a breaking point. But, God reminded them that he makes a way through the sea in verse 16.  What’s interesting though, is that the sea had nothing to do with their current circumstance, but the Lord was reminding them of their past, specifically of a time when it seemed like there was no possibility of forward movement – the time of their departure from Egypt when the Israelites faced certain death. So in their current situation, God wanted them to remember that He is a God who makes a way, just like he had done for them in the past.

Right now many of us our in a place where difficult waters seem to be rising all around us and trouble seems to be coming from all sides.  Some of us don’t see a way out; I know that’s how I feel about Covid-19 sometimes. So what is the most important thing to focus on right now? We must focus on the fact that God is a way maker. He is more than able and fully capable to turn our situation around. He will not just make a way, but He is THE way. If we follow him and his instruction, we cannot fail and we will make it through. It is also important to remember that whatever predicament we are facing, the Lord can make a way even when the solution seems to be extremely far and out of reach.  Faith is putting a strong belief and trust in God, being confident in knowing that he is in total control of every part of our lives.  Knowing that he won’t fail.  Knowing that the creator of the world has created effective solutions to any and every problem that we may face in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. 

Before this pandemic and time of self-quarantining, I was literally asking God for more time. I desired to have more time with my daughter, more time with my husband, more time for me and most importantly, more time with Him. But it was difficult and I didn’t see a way. I spent a total of three hours every day driving to and from work. I also had a second job and my daughter always had homework. I struggled to find time. But then God said, “there is still a way!” As the world seemingly shut down, I found myself receiving exactly what I asked for. “A WAY…” Three extra hours a day that I filled with dinners with my family, bike rides and walks with my husband and daughter, more time to focus on prayer and meditation and more time to focus on my health.

What is the way that you are hoping for, searching for and praying for? Is your faith at its breaking point? Do you not see a way out? This is what God’s word says, “And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you .” Psalm 9:10

There is still a way, because God will make a way because He is THE way.

4 thoughts on “There Is Still A Way!

  1. When I take the time to sit down & read your blog I’m always blessed! There is Always a way, knowing God and His Faithfulness will lead & guide us! I have had Faith ( my great niece) since Monday & God has used her to correct me in so many ways! I love God for allowing us to get it ( whatever it is) through a child! She’s going home today but I always find God in the words that she say & I look and laugh because the finger always points back to Him correcting me using her! Thanks for sharing & There is Still A Way for me to Move forward in what I know that He Created me to do! Life has not been kind & Covid 19 has been mean but God has been so good! Keep blogging

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